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Facebook pivots to what it wishes it was

In Facebook’s dreams, it’s a clean and private place. People spend their time having thoughtful discussions in “meaningful” Groups, planning offline meetups with Events, or laughing together in a Facebook Watch party. In reality,

Hassle Founder Alex Depledge Talks About Freeing The EU Market And Changing Parental Leave Policy

Alex Depledge?is many things – ?startup founder, mentor to women in tech, an advocate for a free and open market across Europe, and a trailblazer?in the U.K tech scene. Her home cleaning platform Hassle recently merged?with Rocket Internet’s Helpling (or was acquired,

How the Piano Was Invented

The names that come to mind at the mention of the Italian Renaissance are the likes of Medici, Da Vinci, and Galileo. Few, however, know the name Bartolomeo Cristofori, an accomplished craftsman who lived and worked during that era. You may not know his name,

Welcome To The Unicorn Club, 2015: Learning From Billion-Dollar Companies

It’s been over a year since we wrote our original post sharing our analysis of the last decade’s most successful U.S.-based, venture-backed tech companies. In that piece we focused on the many entrepreneurs and investors who seek to build big,

Exploring Santa Cruz Island

Twenty miles off the coast of Ventura lies Santa Cruz Island — a remote mecca for adventure. We spent a weekend exploring it. Here’s how you can too.Read more...

How Horny X-Files Lovers Created a New Type of Online Fandom

When The X-Files debuted, nobody knew the small, weird show would be a success. But it had something better than a marketing blitz: It had the internet as a way to connect people who wanted to believe.Read more...

31 Flavors of Bullshit: Your Horror Stories of Working At a Startup

We asked for your nightmare tales of startup employment. Did you ever deliver—sending narratives of woe, scams, drugs, psychotic managers, drinking at your desk and more hookers than a venture capitalist could handle. Read more...

GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon is stepping down, will be replaced by Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX

A significant changing of the guard is underway at GoFundMe, the popular charitable and causes-based online giving platform that has generated $9 billion from 120 million donations globally to date. The company is announcing that Rob Solomon,

Coinbase poaches Google Shopping VP as CPO for cryptocommerce

“We’re trying to shift cryptocurrency from this speculative asset class to driving real world utility” Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tells me. How? Through commerce and micropayments. But now Coinbase has the?who to build it.

Microsoft takes wraps off $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative

When the topics of Microsoft and global health overlap, one tends to think about the Gates Foundation, but the company itself is doing good work along these lines as well. The latest such effort is AI for Health, an $40M,

Rivian is building Lincoln an all-electric vehicle

Lincoln Motor’s first all-electric vehicle is coming from Rivian . Lincoln, the luxury brand under Ford, said Wednesday the two companies will work together to develop an “all-new” electric vehicle. This electric vehicle, or at least the intent to build it,

Daily Crunch: Apple reports better-than-expected revenue

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Apple shares rise after company reports better-than-expected revenue of $91.

Aurora can now give the public rides in its self-driving cars

Aurora has been given permission by California regulators to transport passengers in its self-driving vehicles,?TechCrunch has learned. The?California Public Utilities Commission granted Aurora a permit, which was posted on its website Wednesday,

HBO Max investment hits AT&T’s revenue in Q4 to the tune of $1.2B

AT&T’s revenue took a hit in the fourth quarter as the company gears up for the launch of WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, due to arrive this May. The WarnerMedia division, which includes HBO as well as Turner and Warner Bros.,saw revenue decline 3.3% to $8.

Google opens Android Automotive OS to Spotify, other media app developers

Google is opening its Android Automotive operating system up to third-party developers to bring music and other entertainment apps into vehicle infotainment systems, starting with the Polestar 2, an all-electric vehicle developed by Volvo’s standalone electric performance brand.

Pluralsight will acquire GitPrime for $170M

Pluralsight, an online training platform focusing on subjects like web development, IT certification, and security training, announced today that it will acquire GitPrime, a dev team productivity tool, for $170M in cash. GitPrime is like an analytics dashboard for code projects.

Epic Games is buying the studio behind Rocket League

Epic Games is in the process of acquiring the studio behind one of the most popular cross-platform games out there, Rocket League. The studio behind Fortnite is buying Psyonix for an undisclosed sum and bringing its 132 employees onboard.

#HashtagEtiquette: 8 People Who Are Doing It Wrong

A hashtag can be deadly in the wrong hands. Thanks to the rise of social media, particularly Twitter, the pound sign frequently spices up captions, statuses and tweets.Like all good things,

Inside the Billion-Dollar Hacker Club

An anonymous reader writes "Here's an inside look at the personal successes of the elite hacking group "w00w00". From the article: 'For this group of old friends, assembled for an impromptu reunion, the venue would feel familiar: an online chat room running on a secure private server.

VentureBeat:收入過億游戲開發者 Google手機游戲商業化失敗

而現在,正像《Flappy Bird》向人們展現的那樣,至少在某些類別的游戲中,這種版本最古老的數字商業化手段仍舊占有一席之地。

Linxu(Ubuntu)下安裝Sublime-text 且 支持中文輸入 - 黑眼詩人

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------首先進行如下操作:sudo suadd-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-t...




2014年的各種盤點中,社會性的不多,復旦的這個算一個。看看大家都在關心什么社會話題吧。 復旦發展研究院傳播與 […]

微信朋友圈80%微商都在賣面膜 俏十歲、韓束模式被疑傳銷

微信朋友圈 80% 微商都在賣面膜俏十歲、韓束模式被疑傳銷  一片面膜值多少錢?消費者看到的可能是 50 元,大小代理商看到的可能是 5 元和 45 元,但在創業者眼中,卻可以是百萬、上千萬甚至數億元。  小小的面膜 ... ...

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford opens eBay store

The former crack-addicted mayor of Toronto has a new gig.Councillor Rob Ford, who was stripped from power in November 2013 following a high-profile battle with crack-cocaine,

Xbox Music Apps now supports OneDrive streaming on iOS and Android

Back in March, Microsoft announced a great feature for Xbox Music and OneDrive?allowing you to stream music stored on OneDrive?to your Xbox Music app on a Windows device. The integration is?ideal for someone who?owns a large amount of music they want to stream instead of, or in addition to,

Microsoft pushes out three updates for Windows 10, no details on what’s included in them

Windows 10 is arguably considered to be in rough development for some. Check almost any forum or comment section and the pages of complaints, missing features or borked functionality seem limitless. However, the Windows...The post Microsoft pushes out three updates for Windows 10,

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