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Microsoft Imagine Cup Championship finals to kick off Build 2019

The seventeenth annual Imagine Cup competition is taking place on May 6 at 8 AM pacific time right from Microsoft Build.

Windows 7 will continue to be supported by most popular antivirus solutions

Many anti-malware companies such as Norton and BitDefender have committed to providing continued support for customers still running Windows 7.

What is Microsoft Search? And why is it so important?

Here's an explanation as to what Microsoft is, and why it is so important

How to tether your Windows 10 PC to your phone

Stuck with patchy public internet, or no Wi-Fi at all? If your mobile plan supports tethering, there’s no reason why you can’t still work while on the go. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your PC to your phone, giving you 4G/5G internet on a Windows 10 device without its own SIM. […]

Google’s new business messaging app sounds a lot like Slack and Microsoft Teams

Google is looking to wedge itself in between Microsoft and Slack in an ongoing enterprise messaging showdown

Minecraft Earth AR mobile game updates on Android and iOS with changes to menus and Adventures

The Minecraft Earth augmented reality mobile game updated to Version R11 today on iOS and Android devices. This new update made several changes to the menus and the way certain aspects of the app are displayed and also improved the flow of Adventure gameplay. Here’s the full release notes:

Streamers rejoice as Microsoft’s Mixer finally clamps down on 24/7 and follow-for-follow channels

In response to a growing number of complaints from streamers and viewers,

Microsoft adds 3 new titles to their Project xCloud video game streaming service

Microsoft’s video game streaming platform, Project xCloud, gained three new titles today (via WC) for those testing it in Preview. The three games are Descenders, Frostpunk, and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator which cover the racing, survivor, and tactics genres respectively.

Windows 10 Insider build 18890 for the Fast Ring released, contains only fixes and improvements

Today, Microsoft released the lastest Windows 10 Insider build for the 20H1 Fast Ring. As you may remember, the Windows Insider program has consolidated the 20H1 Skip Ahead ring into a Fast Ring, while still skipping for now 19H2, which more information has been promised for this Spring,

Xbox’s xCloud streaming service reaches “takehome” milestone

Microsoft's Project xCloud, the under-development service which brings cloud streaming of Xbox games to phones and desktops, has reached the "takehome" milestone, as announced by Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Xbox Ambassadors will soon be able to set their Specializations and win exclusive Xbox Live badge

Xbox Ambassadors profiles will soon get a new Specializations tab where Ambassadors will be able to display their preferences about games, skills, social media platforms, and more.

京東:投我以垃圾 報之以瓊瑤



在我看來,Quirky 是一個極致的社區,在這個社區里每個人貢獻點子,而 Quirky 則負責把每個人都變成產品經理,并把這些點子從我們腦海里模糊的印象,變成現實中的產品,并取得相當不錯的銷量。


對于NEA最新投資的創業公司BetterDoctor的CEO阿里·圖拉(Ari Tulla)來說,創辦一家企業的決定并不僅僅與金錢有關。 大概十年前,圖拉的妻子因重病開始接受治療。當時,他們夫妻二人還居住在歐洲,花了好幾個月時間遍訪名醫。

Apple Sold 35.2M iPhones, 13.3M iPads And 4.4M Macs In Q3 2014

Apple has released its latest quarterly earnings report, and the hardware story is one that you might have heard before: For the most part, the company sold more devices year-over-year, with the notable exception of the iPad, which continues to see slight declines as it did last quarter.

WP版HTC One成像為WP陣營帶來強大補充


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Meta-Review: Bigger and Better (And Bigger)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stretch Apple's formula to much greater sizes than ever before, while bringing a potentially game-changing mobile payments option alongside typical upgrades like processors and cameras. They've got a slick new design, and boast the latest version of iOS as well.

[圖]超大號智能手表:Neptune Pine使用體驗


像抽屜一樣拉開尾箱 Mini Rockerman要來了

很快寶馬旗下的?Mini?家族又要迎來一位新成員?——?Mini?Rocketman。在確定量產后,寶馬自然也不會錯過?2014?巴黎車展這個絕佳的宣傳機會。  Rocketman?最讓人眼前一亮的恐怕就是無比拉風的全透明車頂,以及?LED?發光Logo。


Estelle Lafforgue 在博客上講述了他們的開源項目LocomotiveCMS面臨的困境:一個月的收入都沒有干兩天的咨詢工作收入高。

Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 minutes(翻譯) - xiaozhi_5638


? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 7秒MCN大數據平臺 悠閑吧

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