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Hamilton Beach panini press is on sale at Amazon — save $10

Who doesn’t love the delicious, savory crunch of a perfectly pressed sandwich? If you’re a member of the panini fan club and a collector of unique kitchen appliances, this device from Hamilton Beach is just the thing for you.SEE ALSO: 8 of the best slow cookers right now,

Adios, Alexa? How Google could change your FitBit experience.

It's a match made in data heaven.After days of rumors, Google announced Friday that it would be acquiring wearables pioneer FitBit for $2.1 billion. In an industry where warring tech giants are battling for user loyalty, it's a big deal.?"It's not every day a deal like this happens,

Which Apple products will be on sale for Black Friday? Here's what we think.

Apple is a notorious Black-Friday-skipper. When it comes to great deals directly from the company: Zip. Nada. You’re not going to find much of anything.?But because they list so many of their products with major retailers (ieWalmart, Amazon, Best Buy — you know, the usual suspects),

Kohl's steps up its game: Black Friday deals on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Echo, and more

Kohl's might not be the first place you think of when shopping for gadgets, but the retailer's Black Friday ad scan shows some pretty sweet tech deals.Amazon's new Echo Show 5 will be $49.99 ($40 off), for example, plus you get $15 in Kohl's Cash. In our review,

Facebook is the latest tech company to half-ass its way into healthcare

Ping! It's time to get a mammogram. Now, if only your boss would give you time off.Earlier this week, Facebook launched a new healthcare feature called Preventive Health for users in the U.S. When you search for Preventive Health in the Facebook mobile app,

Instacart shoppers take CEO to task in scathing open letter

Instacart shoppers are, once again, fed up.?In a scathing open letter directed at the company's founder and CEO, Apoorva Mehta, a coalition of independent contractors voiced their frustration both with Instacart's pay policies and its tipping structure. And they're doing more than just typing:

This keyboard is futuristic and vintage — Future Blink

Developed by Knewkey Rymek in Hong Kong, Rocksete is an all-in-one keyboard/typewriter pairing option for your tech. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Keyboard, Typewriter, and Rocksete

Kim Kardashian shared a family Halloween photo with a hilariously bad Photoshop

Kim Kardashian West is known for Getting The Shot.?Whether it's squeezing into a latex dress for the Met Gala or the breaking the internet with her butt, Kim will go to hell and back to get a good photograph. Her kids, though, are another story.?Kardashian West shared family photos of herself,

The cursed 'vegan lasagna' is simply not a lasagna

People online are always getting mad about food they do not feel is made correctly — the more egregious the crime, the more heated the discourse. This makes sense: Food is both highly personal and highly political,

Law enforcement officers admit they basically search whatever devices they want to at the border

These days "the border" is used more as an inflammatory concept than an actual place with rules and laws. Now, the ACLU is trying to puncture that hot air with some help from the Constitution.In preparation for a lawsuit the ACLU is bringing against the federal government, U.S.

'Toy Story 4' makers explain why this movie is a thing that exists

Can it be all of 24 years since we first thrilled to the adventures of Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the gang in the world's first computer-animated movie, Pixar's Toy Story?Back in 1995, the plot revolved around Woody's fear that he was aging out and would soon be abandoned. In Toy Story 4,

7 Apps to Make You More Environmentally Friendly

Here's the argument: If you're not paying attention to climate-change science and what it's trying to tell us about global warming, you've got your head planted squarely in the sand. Paying attention, however,








在最近的 MacBook Air 廣告中,蘋果通過用戶在設備上貼上貼紙,讓自己的設備更加個性的方式來體現用戶對這款設備的喜愛。

蘋果推出全新 Siri 介紹頁面:擬為手表準備

威鋒網訊,蘋果在當地時間周三推出了一個重新設計后的?Siri?頁面,其中包括了全新的設計和一些其它改進。  在新頁面的頂部是一個在播放的?Siri?視頻,隨后是這個個人數字助理功能的一整版的頁面。



A New Florida Pier Is Designed to Face the Reality of Rising Seas

There’s no polite way to put this: Florida is screwed. And we’re starting to see the state’s infrastructure adapt to the reality of climate change.Read more...

: Pentax K-1 將於 4 月 27 日開賣,建議售價低於日本定價

圖片擷取自:富堃Ricoh Image 與 Pentax 品牌首款採用 35mm 全片幅感光元件的數位單眼相機 Pentax K-1 今日正式接受預購,同時也將於 4 月 27 日正式上市,臺灣總代理開出的價格相較日本定價約 26 萬日幣還低,單機身為 66,888 元,另外可搭配 HD DFA 24-70mm F2.8 共同購買,為 113,000 臺幣。閱讀全文


有一個非常奇葩的一個大學生,他專門研究創業失敗的案例,他說:只有研究那些失敗的人是怎么失敗,然后總結出方案,以 ...

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